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A little about me...

I try to approach the world through a lens of love, wonder and delight. If I can't manage to be delighted, I try to be grateful. I am delighted daily at the wonders of the world around me. I wake up excited to capture the images in my head, often with whatever I have on hand and acrylic paint. 

I have worked as an art teacher, a muralist, a cook, and most recently, as an early childhood special educator. I have a BFA from Pratt Institute, and am a few classes shy of an M. Ed from the University of Vermont. All the while, I have painted and savored time with my family.


My painting style has evolved a lot in the past few years. In 2019 I sustained a head injury, and my usual, more traditional style of working was suddenly too confusing for me. I discovered that building up singular shapes, layer by layer with scrap material,

then painting on top of that, seemed to make sense to my brain. I am still dealing with the effects of post concussion syndrome, but am doing much better. Even though I can now paint in my former manner, I have grown to love and prefer my newer approach. My art is my humble but determined attempt to spread joy in the world. 

I hope my work brings some to you.


Thanks for visiting.

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